Liberty Gun Lube™ announces NEW Product - Tri-Cal™ Synthetic Firearms Grease

For Immediate Release: 01/08/2020 Liberty Lubricants LLC, dba Liberty Gun Lube™ announces NEW Product - Tri-Cal™ Synthetic Firearms Grease

Emmett, ID. - 01/08/2020 — Liberty Lubricants LLC, dba Liberty Gun Lube™ will release Tri-Cal™ Synthetic Firearms Grease in February, for shipment to all customers. It comes packed in a 10cc syringe and retails for $6.99

Tri-Cal™ Synthetic Firearms Grease keeps your Firearms, Archery Equipment, Fishing Reels, etc, in top working condition. As with all of our products, we keep with the tradition of providing you with another Non-Toxic / Non-Hazardous grease option, to meet your demanding needs.

While our Chem-X™ Nano-Tech Grease is our flagship grease product, not everyone likes the distinct blackish color that is created by the nano-spheres. Tri-Cal™ Synthetic Firearms Grease is a light beige color that is pretty neutral. Tri-Cal™ can still do some pretty heavy lifting though! Instead of using a complex lithium base for this product, we decided to use a Calcium Sulfonate base, combined with our Liberty Synthetic Oil. The Calcium Sulfonate helps provide great water resistance, excellent anti-wear & extreme pressure properties. Top all that off with excellent anti-corrosion properties and the addition of our Liberty Synthetic Oil, and you have a grease that will perform tirelessly for you.

• Non-Hazardous / Non-Toxic. 

• Liberty Synthetic Oil in a Calcium Sulfonate Base. 

• Extremely Water Resistant / Great for Maritime Use. 

• -40°F - >490°F • Excellent Lubricity. 

• Extreme Pressure / Wear Protection.

Jim Ryan, Managing Partner says attendees will be able to meet face-to-face with the Liberty Team, to discuss opportunities to enhance sales with the latest in advanced lubricants and cleaning products. The Liberty Gun Lube™ booth will be in the Pop-Up Preview / Booth #61925, Jan. 22, 8:30am - 5:30pm on level 5 / Palazzo Ballroom.

Liberty Gun Lube™ is offering special on all orders placed at the show. Specials are available for Dealers, Distributors and Large Chain Retailers. See full details at;

Liberty Lubricant LLC, dba Liberty Gun Lube™, Emmett, ID. USA, Manufactures of high grade synthetic Firearms/Sporting lubricants and cleaners.

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