NEW Liberty-Tuff™ Compact Cleaning Kits

The NEW Liberty-Tuff™ Compact Cleaning Kits come with plenty of firearm cleaning necessities in one compact kit, that easily fits in your range bag or pack.

Based on customer requests and feedback, we set out to put together kits that offered quality and value. The CCK's are a HUGE savings over the items purchased separately. We decided to put our best products in these kits, as opposed to cheaper or unnecessary components seen in other kits. You won't find cheap aluminum or zinc shafts on our bore brushes. We use brass rods instead of aluminum. You definitely won't find plastic patch holders in our kits. If you snap one of those clean off in your rod, most likely you now have 2 items you need to replace.

These kits are great for new shooters and gun owners. Instead of trying to figure out all the separate components and ending up with products you don't need, you get all the quality items you need to maintain your new firearm.

These caliber specific kits give you full 1oz bottles of H.L.P.™ Gun Oil and Tribo-Solve™ Synthetic Solvent & Protectant instead of little sampler sizes offered in other kits. We also give you a full 10cc syringe of our Chemical-X™ Nano-Tech Firearms Grease, because we know how messy those little tear packs are. Get three Liberty-Tuff™ Phosphor Bronze Bore Brushes instead of one (no cheap aluminum or zinc shafts in our kits).

Our Compact Cleaning Kit Case easily fits all of the items in the kit, with room to spare for some of your other favorite knick-knack cleaning items. Buy an extra set of our Phosphor Bronze Brushes in another caliber and you have a multi caliber kit.

These Compact Cleaning Kits (CCK) are being assembled and shipped from our headquarters factory.


Initially we are offering the following kits; 

 Liberty-Tuff™ Compact Cleaning Kit - AR/5.56mm - $39.99 ($52.43 value) 

 Liberty-Tuff™ Compact Cleaning Kit - 9MM/.357 Pistol/Carbine - $34.99 ($48.43 value) 

 Liberty-Tuff™ Compact Cleaning Kit - .45 Pistol - $29.99 ($45.43 value) 

 Liberty-Tuff™ Compact Cleaning Kit - .40/10mm Pistol - $29.99 ($45.43 value)

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